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T.W. Suggs

Artist, Storyteller, Author  & Radio/Talk Show Host

T.W. Suggs is an author, storytelling artist, public speaker, and talk show host with an underlying mission to leverage various platforms and create opportunities to explore relevant issues, inspire, and help others heal. 

T.W.’s extensive background positions him to create captivating bodies of work that go beyond the superficial and touch the core of the human experience.  Through sharing his own experiences and vulnerabilities, he helps others develop and heal. He forms a bond with his audience to mutually strengthen one another.

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The Tommie Talk Show

The TOMMIE! Talk Show is a faith-based, family-friendly show that seeks to inspire, inform, and heal listeners by having real and engaging conversations around relevant topics impacting our communities.  Guests include celebrities, CEO’s, artists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday people.  


The show is a part of P3 Christian Radio and is affiliated with The Culture Talk Show.  New episodes air every other Saturday and can be found via the P3 Christian Radio app, the iHeart Radio app, YouTube, PodBean, and Apple Podcast.  

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