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The Heart of His Majesty Ministry

From the Heart of His Majesty Ministry is a ministry called to be a conduit, displaying the heart of God and
bringing His love, care, compassion and support to the world; and to glorify God.  Evangelist Lisa Harris is the
visionary, founder, and leader of this God ordained ministry.  We seek to accomplish our mission and fulfil our
purpose through:
-The ministry of the Word, preaching, teaching and admonishing people to seek the Lord and to live for Him;
-Praying and interceding for those wounded, hurting and in need of deliverance;
-Doing acts of service to help churches, other ministries and individuals in need;
-Equipping the saints for the work of Kingdom building through encouragement and providing opportunities to
-Sharing our gifts, talents and resources to edify the body of Christ.

Inspirational Time

Fictional inspirational stories, followed by a devotional lesson to illustrate biblical truths and principles. 
Every Saturday 10:30 PM
P3 Christian Radio

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