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Bashir Rouge

Bashir Rouge

Bashir Rouge - 2x 🏆 Winner, Artist., Songwriter, and Producer.


Bashir Hogue, creator and host of The Culture Talk Show. 2X Image Award Winner. Artist. Songwriter and Producer. Been in the music industry for 30 years plus. Bashir Hogue starred The Culture Talk on CVE Television network and CTFTV in 2016.

The Culture

The Culture Talk Show is now P3 Christian Radio, iheartRadio, Apple Music and More.

The Culture has had guests such as: Dover Award Winner Maranda Curtis, Grammy Award

Winner Keith Pelzer, American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard, Dove Award Winner Jekalyn Carr, Tyler Perry’s “BRUH” Actress Chandra Currellery, Tony Award Winner Melba Moore, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I get Married Actress Denise Boutte and more. 

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